Posted by: motso | November 25, 2006

The Top 5 Freelance Translator Business Mistakes

There are many ways to operate a business as a freelance translator. Here are five common mistakes to avoid and increase your success.

Failing to Work with a Strong Code of Ethics:

There are some freelance translators that have confused their business activities with that of a non profit organization; if you do not price your services appropriately, this is not going to reflect very well on your business image when you cannot pay the electricity bill.

Failing to Specialize:

Operating a freelance translation business is more than having fluency in two or more languages. There are all types of materials that can be translated; medical, legal, technical, academic or business translations. Choose one area and become an expert on it.

Failing to Respect Their Services:

Some freelance translators complain that their work doesn’t receive the respect it deserves; client use their services like there are just a bilingual secretary. If this is true, then it is up to you to have the skills to create the image and produces the marketing materials that will support the fee you charge.

Failing to Research the Competition:

You are not the only freelance translator in the area you have chosen to offer as your specialty, and it is to your advantage to know what services your competition is marketing and how they communicate their advertising message.

Failing to Provide Value Added Services:

If simply translating some text was all that a person required, they have several options in addition to hiring a human freelance translator. Pricing is a subject of an ongoing discussion; what is a right price for freelance translation services? The value added services you provide as part of the translation you provide for the client provides you with the marketing edge over the competition and translation software packages that they can choose to use.



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