Posted by: motso | November 17, 2007

English to Bengali and Bengali to English translation by native Bengali in-country translator


Bengali is a language, which is spoken in India and Bangladesh.  India is at the threshold of big changes.  Many companies in the world today have business interests in India. The common mistake some of these companies make is to consider that English is the only language of communication in India and you can reach your market through English. Dont forget that Bengali is the fourth largest spoken language. TO know more and get Bengali translation service contact




  1. AND it’s a beautiful language.

  2. i am bengali
    our language bangali

  3. I am a Bengali and a proud one. Moder gorob moder asha……….A mori banglabhasha

  4. Language is a bond & update relationship

  5. main english ma kamjor ho english ke grammer mujha yad nahi aathi ha magar kam chala lati ho mujha spoken english shikna ke bahat shak ha magar main kaise englirh bolna ma mahir ho iske basic detels mujha batha mara mail par send kardana mai kahati ho ke ap bengali to english ma li kha to bahat aasha hogmi mai n mobile se mail send kar raha ho ap agar kal ke 1 baja ke time ka pahala send kara to bahat aasha hogi ga5

  6. Aami bangali r aamar language bangla, kintu spoken english sikhte chai,

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